Meet JD Gershbein. He has been a broadcaster since age 14 and a professional speaker since his early 20s, when he accompanied his father, a world-renowned medical biochemist, and cancer researcher, on the lecture circuit. Since 2006, he has delivered talks to the world’s most prestigious organizations, associations, and companies on LinkedIn best practices, personal branding, and etiquette-based online business communication.

As social networks continue on a path of change, giving rise to new challenges, JD has fine-tuned his programs accordingly. He features an arsenal of relevant content that will revitalize businesspeople and their teams seeking to reclaim momentum in a pandemic-ravaged world. His enlightening and entertaining sessions typically veer into psychology, neuroscience, and applied improvisation and will give your attendees ample food for thought. 

Articulate, stylistic, and always on-point, JD is an absolute pleasure to watch on stage. He is both laid-back and forceful, structured yet spontaneous. His passion for the craft of speaking is easily discernible. He gives you incredible range and flexibility and will be a valuable addition to your conference, chapter meeting, sales retreat, or symposium. Simply put, you will love working with JD.


LinkedIn for Leadership & Business Development | Personal Branding | Social Networking
Applied Improvisation | Content Marketing | Video Storytelling & New Media Production
Social Entrepreneurship | Neuromarketing | Social Psychology



Keynote or General Session  Breakout Session  Workshop  Seminar
Panel Discussion  Strategic Roundtable  Interview or Fireside Chat



Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP)
Annual Convention, Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers,
Chicago, IL – May 28, 2014
Approximate Running Time: 62 Minutes


Why should I book you to speak at my event or my organization?

JD: As a professional speaker, I strive to deliver a quality experience from start to finish. My goal is twofold: first, to translate the vision of the event organizer into reality and, second, to exceed the expectations of my audience. I’ve been a speaker long enough to where I am totally comfortable in my own skin and implicitly trust my instincts on stage. As I move through my program, I think, ‘If I were sitting in the audience, what would I want myself to say?’ And I could very well be the most fun speaker with whom you will ever work.

What is different about you?

JD: Throughout the years, I have honed a unique speaking style. I leverage my story as a learning experience, sharing the good and the not-so-good. I blend insightful stagecraft, subtle humor, and metaphor to simplify highly complicated concepts. I liberally draw from my background in psychology, applied neuroscience, broadcast journalism, marketing, and improvisational comedy, which gives my content originality and differentiates me from others in my space.

JD Gershbein LIVE

What are the top takeaways from your programs?

JD: Each learning experience is customized according to the needs of your organization or team and thematically aligned with the event you are planning. I understand how frustrating the online world can be for many professionals. I don’t bog down my audience with minutiae; instead, I get them in gear by opening them up to possibilities. Your attendees leave my session invigorated, brimming with new, immediately applicable ideas, and ready to take on the world.

What can we expect from you at our event?

JD: You and your attendees can count on me to bring my A-game. Whether I am your keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, seminar leader, or corporate trainer, my responsibility is to transfer knowledge and catalyze growth. To that end, I stay on top of trends in my field and continually refresh my content. And I am not one of those speakers who will deliver a talk and then disappear. I like to partake in all the event’s activities, especially networking. While on-site, I can make myself available to any interested attendees or members of your team who wish to schedule private consultations with me.

JD Gershbein, Conference Speaker
JD Gershbein, LinkedIn Consultant & Coach

Do you prefer a keynote, a breakout session, or a combination of programs?

JD: I am equally comfortable as a keynoter and facilitator and understand the expectations set forth for each experience. I can do multiple sessions to reach more attendees, including a keynote and a breakout or a series of breakout sessions. I can also set up shop on an expo floor with a laptop and offer quick-hit one-on-one sessions. I will faithfully undertake whatever role the organizer envisions for me. 

What else should we know about you?

JD: Well, I have no dietary restrictions. But seriously, I never lose sight of the fact that you are making an investment in me and will make sure you get an excellent return. Nothing satisfies me more than looking out into the audience and seeing that glow of learning illuminate people’s faces. My overarching goal is that your attendees will pull you aside after the event and say, “Hey, thank you for bringing that guy in to speak.”


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