The moment JD takes the stage, you realize he is NOT
just another speaker.

The moment JD takes the stage, you realize
he is NOT
just another speaker.


JD Gershbein is one of those rare speakers who makes both an intellectual and emotional connection with every audience. Whether keynoting a conference, leading a breakout session, or facilitating a roundtable discussion, JD elevates and separates from a generic, formulaic “presenter” into the realm of memorable edutainer. Attendees are finely tuned to his commitment to stagecraft excellence and feel intimately involved in a unique learning experience. Event and meeting organizers consider him a dream collaborator who upholds the highest standards of professionalism. 

Deftly fusing his broadcasting talent with an impeccable sense of timing, JD fronts a strong, distinctive onstage persona and delivers captivating, thought-provoking talks. He brings a wealth of knowledge, a penchant for storytelling, and a theatrical vibe to each engagement. JD punctuates each talk with the right amount of humor and sends a clear and powerful message about the value of authenticity, positivity, empathy, and resilience that resonates long after the event concludes. 

JD GERSHBEIN, Professional LinkedIn Speaker

JD speaks at conferences, companies, colleges, and guests on numerous webcasts and podcasts streamed live across the globe. A keen observer of our Digital Age, he shares his insights on LinkedIn for leadership, personal branding, social networking, and new media production. Post-pandemic, he augments his impact in the virtual world with ambitious educational programs that reassure, inspire, and galvanize businesspeople focused on rebranding themselves and revitalizing their careers.

Death by PowerPoint does not apply to JD. His visuals are unfailingly stunning and consistently on point. He has a flair for spontaneity and an uncanny ability to create teaching moments on the fly, skills he honed as an improvisational and sketch comedy student at Chicago’s famed Second City. JD’s strength is keeping people off their Smartphones and moving them to new thinking. Audiences appreciate his meticulous preparation and the authenticity he brings to the stage. 




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